Initial Consultation

Most conditions treated will require an initial consultation which generally lasts approximately an hour and a half and includes your first treatment.  During this time a full medical history will be taken.  If you are on any medication please bring details of this with you.

Follow up treatment

You will be given an indication at the initial consultation of how many treatments may be required.  Generally speaking the more recent a complaint the less treatments, often 1-4.  If a complaint is more chronic or complex you may require a longer course of treatment but everyone is different.  Discounts are available for people who do require long courses of treatment. Treatments generally last 40 minutes to an hour.

General information

Please wear comfortable loose clothing, it is often not necessary to undress for treatment as many points used are on the lower arms and hands and lower legs and feet so it useful to be able to access these areas easily.

Please also have something light to eat before treatment and drink plenty of water afterwards.